A collaboration between Crossmedia and GALLEGOS United

We are a modern-day media agency

built to service clients’ growing

need to integrate media efforts;

from planning to buying, across

the increasingly diverse U.S.

consumer landscape and fragmented

communication channels.

What We Do
We have an obligation and opportunity to rethink how we plan and buy media. One that embraces cultures, celebrates differences and personalizes messages to all audiences. Providing clients with a holistic view of the opportunities that is data informed, audience
specific and not siloed.

Why We Are Different
Minority Owned – Independent
Full Transparency – No Kickbacks, No Arbitrage, Neutrality
Future Built – Cross-Trained and Integrated
Any Source – What’s Right For Your Business
Multicultural Research – Robust data and insights across all multicultural segments

Ali Plonchak

Managing Partner


Jennifer Mull

Chief Operating Officer